The Herald Bulletin

November 8, 2013

Viewpoint: TV, movies glamorize destruction to solve problems

By Nancy Huntzinger
Pendleton resident

---- — This letter is in reference to Walter Williams' column titled "Are guns the problem? Moral standards of conduct are under siege." I believe what he said is true. "Every time there's a shooting tragedy, there are more calls for gun control." Guns are not the entire problem. There is much more to it than just the availability of firearms.

It is my opinion that the reason for all of the mass shootings and disrespect for life in general can ultimately be traced to the entertainment industry. Our population is being bombarded with destruction in the movies and on TV. Shows are programmed to glamorize destruction in any form to solve every problem.

Also, since it is no longer politically correct to house people with unstable minds in insane asylums, these people are getting their ideas of how to solve problems from what Hollywood and the television industry considers entertainment. They then think this is the way to get rid of whatever is bothering them.

This era of destruction and the resulting behavior it promotes will never be mentioned to the public on the evening news. There is way too much "Big Money" involved. TV and the movie industry will never consider the fact that they are glamorizing and promoting bad behavior and/or mass killings. How often do you watch a movie or TV show that is not full of destruction, shootings, buildings being blown up, car chases and wrecks, etc? How often do you watch a movie or TV show that is not full of sexual misconduct, bad words, clothes that leave nothing to the imagination, etc. Many of the children's iPad games are more about fighting, killing and doing away with the "bad guys" by destroying them.

How can we raise our children and grandchildren to not think this is the "norm?'' How can we teach "proper behavior" when the movies and TV shows are teaching an entirely different way of life? We are creating monsters through the TV and entertainment industry.

Walter Williams stated that "morality is society's first line of defense against uncivilized behavior." Until we can have a moral code for entertainment and teach that in homes and schools, and parents learn to monitor what their children read and see, we are doomed. However, with the bid money involved in Hollywood and on the TV networks, no one will ever mention what is causing the problem. What ever happened to movies like "Mary Poppins" and "The Sound of Music" or TV shows like "Leave it to Beaver" and "The Andy Griffith Show"?

When will society wake up and place the blame where it should be — on the entertainment business — instead of the lack of gun control?