The Herald Bulletin

June 26, 2013

Letter: Citizens need to demand turnaround of US policies

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Wake up, free traders. After at least 20 years of free trade (one world order), what are the results?

All the states are drowning in ink, along with most citizens. The wealth has gone to the 1 percent (banks, stock market and multi-corporations). Even the Supreme Court has jumped on the destruction agenda.

If citizens don’t come alive and demand a turnaround of the insane policies now in place, I see a country, even a world, in decay. Our leaders, once they adopt an action (free trade, no regulations, wars, trickle down, etc.), refuse to admit a mistake, and continue on. Only when the average citizen finally says enough, that’s when the carnage of America will end.

But, will citizens ever wake up? Who knows? One thing is sure, they can’t keep sleeping and expect their lives to change. The 1 percent is awake and scheming. Enough said!

Tom Jewell