The Herald Bulletin

July 20, 2013

Letter: Jobs shortage to blame for welfare numbers

Jobs shortage to blame for welfare numbers

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Let's get one thing straight. There are no jobs, OK? So, let's stop this nonsense of accusing good, honest people, who are drawing government assistance or other welfare benefits in order to feed themselves and/or their families, of not wanting to work.

When any job is found, someone was either fired or died, with no gain in employment figures. New jobs opening up, due to a large pickup in consumer spending will, without a doubt, be countered by as many or more being fired somewhere else, (not counting all those taking pay and benefit cuts). We only talk about hiring, but no one seems to care a hoot about all those car payments going to Japan or jobs to Asia where people work for 10 cents a hour.

So, how does a Republican-controlled state (Indiana) talk in rosy terms (lies) about their employment supposedly gaining 6,000 jobs (WRTV 6/21). Easy! Just don't talk about the jobs lost in the same sentence; like Republicans do when talking and trashing Obama and Democrat areas.

Let's talk about the joke (lies) played out on TV talk shows about how much a person needs socked away when they retire. Hello! There are no $8 and lower part-time temporary employees going be able to save a dime for retirement. So, stop it; especially with prices sky high. And, to add insult to injury, we have a political party that wants to take away what income we have or will anticipate after retirement from Social Security and pensions; along with Medicare and Obamacare.

Frank Couch