The Herald Bulletin

May 21, 2013

Letter: Gun supporters’ campaign thriving

— The “Guns for Nuts” club is thriving in Washington and Indianapolis. Membership is up, especially in Texas (Houston), where a new convention center was named after the National Rifle Association. In your face, Sandy Hook, in your face.

They campaign for 30-shot clips, wearing their newly bought khakis and carrying an M-16 like they know how to shoot. The only trigger they have ever pulled was on a Hopalong Cassidy BB gun.

Most of them have no good reason why they support the Gun Nuts, anymore than the middle class had reason to support the KKK in the 1920s; most of whom would have been horrified to lynch a black. There were no black supporters of the KKK or any skinhead group; no more than any of the so-called Gun Nuts if they had a child in Sandy Hook — no sir-ee.

Led by the billionaire pimps in the House of Representatives, they also support foreign bank accounts for America’s rich and work you to lost limbs and/or death in pole barn sweat shops — for rice cake wages. Dirty air and undrinkable water just comes with the pole barn syndrome.

But, it’s always the Republicans who come to the rescue of big business (like they need it) — with sweat shop laws, allowing them to fire an employee for any reason or just with no reason, and cut your pay with no representation.

Frank Couch