The Herald Bulletin

July 17, 2013

Letter: God has been removed from agenda

The Herald Bulletin

---- — The July 3 letter submitted by Michael Imhof was right on target ...”Jesus Christ is the only answer to our present situation.”

Our government, as a whole, has taken God out of its agenda completely. The results are self evident. In 1963, the Supreme Court took God out of our schools. Later, legalized abortion (murder of millions of babies) and, now, legalized gay marriage (both an abomination of God).

I’m talking about the only true God. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel) and the Father of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ (who died for our sins).

Our forefather declared this nation under God, and in the biblical principles of God. As Cal Thomas stated in his Sunday, June 30, article — “Should we change our country’s motto from ‘In God We Trust’ to ‘In Polls We Trust’”?

It’s not Mr. Imhof or myself who say this. God says this. The only thing we as a people of this great nation can do is pray for our leaders, that they turn to God instead of their own parties, and do what is righteous.

Ron Hussong