The Herald Bulletin

August 30, 2013

Letter: Obamacare polls show disapproval

The Herald Bulletin

---- — According to seven major polling organizations, an average of 38 percent of Americans approve and 50 percent disapprove of the “Affordable Care Act” that was passed three years ago. An average of 12 percent are unsure. Not a single poll taken since April 2013 indicate that a majority approve of Obamacare or think it will personally help them. These polls are:

CBS: 36% approve, 54% disapprove

Gallup: 44% approve, 52% disapprove

Kaiser Foundation: 35% approval; 43% disapprove

NBC News/Wall Street: 37% approve; 49% disapprove

CNN: 32% approve, 54% disapprove

Quinnipiac University: 41% approve, 46% disapprove

Fox News: 44% approve, 52% disapprove

Allow me to speculate on some reasons: Increased prices for personal and employer policies; loss in jobs and reductions to part-time jobs; definition of “full-time” as 30 hours or more; invasion of privacy from digitization of personal medical records; non-elected review panels for allocation of resources; federal requirement to purchase health insurance; hiring of 25,000 IRS agents to enforce compliance; special interest exemptions for some companies; and the recent postponement of mandatory requirements for employers until after the 2014 elections.

Many still resent the way it was manipulated through Congress with the promise of special favors for key members in exchange for their votes.

Perennial letter-writers Tim Mahaffey and Norma Abbey are still trying to convince readers that this medicine is “good for us.” But it doesn’t taste good, and the symptoms of poor health are not going away.

David E. Sumner, Ph.D.Anderson