The Herald Bulletin

November 20, 2013

Letter: 'Toys for Tots' needs residents' support

The Herald Bulletin

---- — The Marine Corps Mounds Detachment has begun its annual "Toys for Tots" campaign.

The mission is to see that on Christmas no child in Madison County is without at least one toy to brighten their lives.

For over three decades, with the support of many local merchants, we have had the privilege of being permitted to place the "Toys for Tots" collection boxes in their establishments.

The businesses that assist us are easy to recognize. They also have a ''Toys for Tots" collection box in their establishments. Our current drive is well underway. We thank everyone for their assistance at this time of the years.

Non-for-profit organizations, such as the Christian Center and the Salvation Army, which provided logistics and the UAW Retirees, who have graciously donated the use of the Union Hall as our distribution center, are all to be greatly thanked for the great contributions which enable us to help the children.

Many volunteers are contributing not only their own resources, but their valuable time to ensure that the mission will once again be a success.

This year the Salvation Army will be distributing food along with the toys.

When citizens come together and support such an endeavor as the "Toys for Tots" campaign it makes us all proud and assures the continued success that we have had in the many years past and gives us all hope for a brighter future.

Darrell Baylor