The Herald Bulletin

August 10, 2013

Viewpoint: Anderson residents provide inspiration

By Shari Tarnow
Auburn resident

---- — Love does, indeed, come from the most unexpected places.

On a recent weekend, after moving my daughter to Anderson, she and I were unsuccessfully attempting to inflate an air mattress at the Speedway coin-operated air pump.

I can imagine that we were quite the spectacle: two grown women, disheveled, frustrated, who wrestled with an air mattress that stubbornly refused to inflate, no matter how many quarters we fed into the air compressor.

Noting our exasperation and without a moment’s hesitation, Sherrie Galbreath rescued us with her portable mini Shop Vac. After quickly reading the manual, Sherrie reversed the motor, affixed the adapter, and invested her own time to assist us. And, believe me, she spent a good 45 minutes inflating an air mattress upon which I, not she, would rest my weary bones.

Sherrie didn’t have to assist us. We were strangers to her. But over the course of that 45 minutes, we shared our stories. Thanks, my newly found friend, Sherrie Galbreath. You were the first Good Samaritan that night.

Who was the second? Judy at the incredibly clean and tidy Laundromat, Suds Express. I arrived a few minutes later than I should to start a load of laundry: bulky items for which I needed a commercial machine. Judy not only let me in, but she also gave me a newspaper to read while I waited for the load to finish. I only read a few words,though, because over that next half-hour, we shared our stories of faith with one another.

And, while helping me schlep my pillows and curtains to my truck, Judy offered to pray for me. I know that she is.

Thanks again, Sherrie and Judy. You two women are Good Samaritans who unselfishly set aside your own agendas to help strangers, my daughter and me.

Who knew that such selfless, sisterly, Christ-like love could be found at the Speedway and Suds Express.

I was inspired by a few Andersonians to keep my heart open.