The Herald Bulletin

April 12, 2013

Letter: War in Iraq was based on lies

— A government starts a war based on lies and pushed by their propaganda machines which include government produced news stories featuring paid actors.

A long war that cost over a million lives and millions more suffered physical and mental wounds. An unpaid war that ran up over $3 trillion in debt to the citizens of the nation that started it and war profiteers made billions. Name that country? If you guessed the United States of America, you’re right.

The Iraq war was all based on lies produce by the Bush and Cheney administration. Lies pushed by both the fiction dealers at the Fox News Channel and the duped reality news sources. Over 1,033,000 people died over their lies; 4,487 brave Americans died over their lies; 32,226 brave Americans were wounded over Bush’s and Cheney’s lies. One-third of the brave Americans who served in Iraq suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome because of the Bush administration’s lies. Like Wall Street scammers and corrupt bankers, the people in Bush administration will never face justice for their crimes and that’s a shame.

Nine or 10 years ago people wrote about Iraq being a war for profit and based on lies. People believing themselves to be patriots called them traitors and suggested I should be permanently silenced. History has shown us the real traitors who betrayed America and they are still spreading lies in 2013. Will the patriots call for Cheney, Rove and other traitors to be permanently silenced?     

Tim Mahaffey