The Herald Bulletin

May 6, 2013

Letter: Friend’s kindness long remembered

— Tuesday, April 30, was my 66th birthday. Sure doesn’t seem I reached this age, and I remember folks who treated me with kindness and consideration.

The summer of my 12th year, I visited my aunt and uncle (Eleanor and Roy Mahan) who were residents of Anderson, Ind. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, and was glad to get away from my five siblings for that period of time. While there, I was made welcome by Anita Ballinger, and appreciated her kindness and consideration. Although she was older than me, she was very nice, and I remember her patience with me, a “pore” kid from the housing projects of Paducah, Ky. This consideration, I have remembered, and while employed at Hancock’s of Paducah, assisted a couple from Anderson, Ind.

The couple, Mark and Jane Thompson, are friends with Anita, and Mark gave me Anita’s married name, which is “Canaday.”

I would like to use this means and opportunity to say “thank you” to Anita, for your kindness has been remembered for over 50 years.

Kay Throgmorton Presson

Bardwell, Ky.