The Herald Bulletin

December 12, 2013

Letter: County workers deserve their raise, bonus

The Herald Bulletin

---- — It never ceases to amaze me how people begrudge other folks for getting something that they didn't get.

Referring to the raise and bonus the county employees got and their pay raise. The people that are complaining about it fall into one of two classes: (1) they worked for GM and got everything they wanted and large raises for a job you could teach a monkey to do. (2) The class of people that live off of the government and want everything handed to them and they think that if the county folks get a raise then that will take away from their entitlements.

Those people that worked for the county have not had a pay raise in six years. I for one think that they should have gotten a thousand-dollar bonus to make up for all the years they received nothing and for putting up with folks that are rude and insulting to them when they are trying to help. Just how many of you would have gone six years with no pay raise.

Larry Robbins