The Herald Bulletin

January 14, 2014

Letter: Grasp on reality like Trump's hairpiece

The Herald Bulletin

---- — A letter written to The Herald Bulletin published Jan. 8 was titled "Land of Zahn not just fantasy."

My question is, why would one waste an obviously good education obsessing on distorted misinformation and pretending the world is ruled by gods and demons? Only a fool could miss the clandestine attempt to transpose the characters of "Karock Mogano" and our President Barack Obama. Between "He was a good orator, but there were indications he may have been born in Kawar, a country from afar on a dark continent." Really? A dark continent?

I'm concerned about the tenuous nature of this writer's grasp on reality. It's a lot like Donald Trump's hairpiece trembling in the breeze like an aspen leaf. Don't worry though, I see no gullible blind sheep in Progressive land. We are all practicing assertive Democracy.

Dick Allen