The Herald Bulletin

January 14, 2014

Letter: Birth mother continues search for daughter

The Herald Bulletin

---- — I gave up my daughter for adoption in 1971 in Anderson. At that time adoptions were closed and I was not to know who her adoptive parents are. For 20 years I have tried to find her now, and every time I contact the Department of Human Services I get the door closed in my face. The search has been exasperating.

I don't know if she remained in Anderson or if her parents continued there, but out of desperation I am writing to you in hopes that she will see it and know I am available to her.

I'd love to know how she is and if she is healthy and happy in her life. Also, I'd like to explain to her why I was forced to give her up for adoption so she can be assured I did not want to abandon her.

She was born May 9, 1971, at St. John's Hickey Memorial Hospital. I hope you will print this and that she may see it.

Thank you.

Susan Carter

Davenport, Iowa