The Herald Bulletin

January 15, 2014

Letter: GOP tried to manufacture Benghazi scandal

The Herald Bulletin

---- — We've listened to congressional Republicans scream "Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi! for months now as they have tried to manufacture a scandal where none existed. Even the untouchable "60 Minutes" got burned when it tried their hand at loose journalism with their unvetted Benghazi liar.

Now, after months of investigation by The New York Times on the ground in Benghazi conducting interviews with Libyans, David Kirkpatrick (Dec. 29) concluded: "Interviews show local militia and insults to Islam fed attack — no al-Qaida link was found."

False allies and a crude video, huh?

But anything supporting Obama in the eyes of Republicans has to be dead wrong, huh?

Bill J. Paschal