The Herald Bulletin

January 22, 2014

Letter: Conservative state not good for health care

The Herald Bulletin

---- — The health care debate is on in Indiana. When we talk about sickness and health care, I think about my father-in-law who lives in Lafayette. He is a World War II veteran.

After the war, Bob worked at the Alcoa Aluminum Factory in Lafayette for 40 years. A couple of years ago Bob got sick, he later had to go to a nursing home. That is when he found out about these old un-American conservative laws on the books in old conservative Indiana.

The nursing home and the state took all of Bob’s savings he had in the bank, they took his $116,000 home that was paid for, thanks to his hard work. They take his pension check from Alcoa, they take his Social Security check. They told his daughter who lives out of town and works and has two teenage daughters to care for that she was not moving fast enough to get the household furniture and his tools and house sold, they took all that money, too.

Most of the states, except for three or four of the fanatic conservative ones like Indiana, do not take a lifetime of hard work from the family when they get sick and go to a nursing home. The property should remain in the family. The state legislature needs to see that it does.

What about all the taxes Bob paid during his life of work? How much property has the nursing homes taken from people in Madison County? How much property do they own, are they paying taxes on the properties?

Jim Janes