The Herald Bulletin

March 20, 2013

Letter: Focus on kids’ well-being, not tax cuts

— Full-day kindergarten and preschool education are two good ideas floating around the legislature, to help our children adapt better in the learning department. It takes some taxpayer money to implement this system. I say “Yes” to these programs, if we want productive members of society who will be our future leaders.

One other program that would prove beneficial is one that feeds these children in the mornings. A child with an empty stomach can only think about hunger, just as you would if your stomach were starving for food.

For once, let’s focus on kids’ well-being instead of tax cuts for the wealthy and Wall Street bankers. There has to be a better way to meet society’s demands. If we neglect the children, the court system will sooner or later be called into the mix. Then costs will skyrocket as society slowly dies from within

We’ve had eight years of “Reaganism” and eight years of “Bush follies” supporting the super rich, who have neglected our infrastructure, schools and shipped millions of manufacturing jobs overseas, as they tell us it will be good for America. That is 100 percent rubbish. Our children deserve better.

Ronald K. Jones