The Herald Bulletin

September 2, 2013

Letter: Employees' hours cut for health program

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Norma Abbey (Aug. 24) claims that Obamacare is not a job-killing program. She cites several left-wing organizations that have made "studies" showing the "Affordable Care act" will not cost jobs.

Apparently she and these organizations are unaware of the fact that several major companies are rapidly reducing many full-time employees and their part-time employees to less than 30 hours per week.

Most food service companies are cutting hours, along with state and local governments. School corporations are cutting hours of bus drivers, custodians, teachers helpers and maintenance workers to escape the clutches of Obamacare. Sure looks like job losses to me!

Even the SEIU (government employees union) is lobbying for an "exemption." Congress has "exempted" itself and their staff members because of the "expense." Any business with less than 50 employees will never exceed the "magic" number due to the great expense of Obamacare. The major auto workers union (UAW) is also lobbying for an exemption for its thousands of members. The moral of all this is "exemptions for big labor, government (ruling class) workers and big Obama contributors." Only us peons with no clout will bear the burden of this monstrous law. If Obamacare is so good for us, why isn't it good enough for those who created it?

Robert E. DeanAnderson