The Herald Bulletin

September 2, 2013

Letter: US erred in supporting Arab Spring

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Having once lived in the Sinai and Cairo, I've been closely monitoring the turmoil currently going on in Egypt. I attribute much of what's going on directly to our government.

Our government, in essence, befriended and supported the Muslim Brotherhood against President Mubarak. Although our government and media clearly knew that the Muslim Brotherhood was radical, they stated it was moderate. President Mubarak kept things in order as he dealt hard with the Muslim Brotherhood. He had to deal hard with them because they're radical, and as such, he maintained stability in the region.The whole Arab Spring support by our government was one of erroneous and wrong policy. Consider that President Gaddafi had been in check since the Reagan administration and how our government supported al-Qaida linked rebels in the recent overthrow. The government and media tried to spin it well as a humanitarian effort. That said, it's hard to sell a pig with mud all over it as a clean pig.What's being achieved? Oil-rich nations are being destabilized. In time, what will this do to price of oil? Oil prices, in time, will skyrocket. Please note that America has plenty of oil resources. There's no valid reason that we should be oil dependent on the Middle East, period. We're dependent on foreign oil because of globalist policies implemented within the United States. One also needs to understand that the United States is being used by the globalists to assist them in implementation of their worldwide policies; thus, Arab Spring.

Michael ImhofAnderson