The Herald Bulletin

October 17, 2013

Letter: Service clubs need to rewire

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Many service clubs have only themselves to blame for their demise.

They never in their self-imposed exclusiveness sought to reach out to the future generations as to adjust or reinvent themselves to accommodate future membership to those changed or bound by social and economic differences from their past generations.

Let's look at the Kiwanis. By majority in the 20 to 50-plus age bracket, who has the availability to meet at noon per their Monday to Friday workweek? So they are left with a predominantly senior membership that dwindles away in life.

As a newbie to Anderson that has asked the questions of how to connect to this community and inquired of the service organizations here, all places I've asked are clueless!

There are many in the community who want to connect as to make a difference here, but until service organizations reach out, rewire, as to connect, there will always be a disengaged resource of servants in the community.

Darrell G. Walton