The Herald Bulletin

November 8, 2013

Letter: Republicans controlled by global elitists

---- — I think politics is a "dog and pony" show, much put on by the global elitists as it's becoming "clearer" that they have their hands in both parties. Do we have two parties anymore? You be the judge.

It's like smoke and mirrors, with the public being fooled. Yes, there are a few Republicans who appear to be trying to do things best for our nation, but as a party, they appear to put on a play for the populace, feigning some resistance toward the globalist policies, and then allowing their foolish policies to go forward in our nation — why — because the Republicans are also controlled by the global elitists. It makes for deceptive drama — ha, fooled the American public once again, such a gullible and naive bunch.

It's really quite sad that our nation is in the dire predicament that it's in. Many cannot see what's really taking place in this country, and the world for that matter. Things have been manipulated, through politics and the Federal Reserve, for many years now to take America down its current tragic path. It reminds me of the pied piper. The pied piper plays music and the following ensues. Unfortunately, this deceived following will have a horrible awakening forthcoming.

I've said many times that there is only one solution for America. Get right with God through Jesus Christ as individuals, and as a government. No other solution exists. Otherwise, the fall will be great. Truth will prove its course.

Michael ImhofAnderson