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August 16, 2013

Layne murder trial to last until Tuesday

By Jack Molitor The Herald Bulletin
The Herald Bulletin

---- — ANDERSON — The Adam Layne murder trial wrapped up Day 2 of witness testimony in Court 4 Thursday.

Layne, 27, is accused of stabbing Willie Rumph, a 23-year-old Anderson man, to death on Dec. 9, 2012. The two allegedly got in an argument over money at Layne’s home in the 1600 block of Lincoln Street.

Thursday afternoon, the court heard testimony from two forensics experts who identified Rumph’s blood on one of the knives from Layne’s home. They also identified fingerprints from Layne, Rumph and Smith at the scene of the crime. Prosecutors completed witness questioning early Thursday and planned for a half day on Friday. Judge David Happe, who presides over Madison Circuit Court 4, said the trial will last until at least Tuesday.

Wednesday featured opening arguments from prosecutors Andrew Hopper and Michael Chambers and defense attorney Jimmy McDole, who has said Layne was acting in self-defense when he attacked Rumph.

Also testifying Wednesday was Joe Garrett, the Anderson Police officer who first found Rumph and was able to gather information from the victim before he died. Garrett, who knew Rumph from previous dealings, said Rumph described his attacker as a white man with tattoos for eyebrows, similar to tattoos sported by Layne. Before he died, Rumph told Garrett he didn’t know his attacker’s name, but the two were fighting over money.

According to police reports, a fight broke out between Layne and Rumph on the front porch of the home. The two, along with Layne’s girlfriend Sarah Smith were yelling at each other when Layne reportedly pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed Rumph in the back.

Rumph, covered in blood, made his way back to his vehicle and drive himself a few blocks to St. Vincent Hospital where he was found by an off-duty police officer. He died a few hours later in surgery, but was able to provide doctors and police enough information about the attack.

Layne, who fled from the home with Smith after the incident, turned himself in to police the next morning.

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