The Herald Bulletin

May 15, 2013

Police find two meth labs in Elwood mobile home park

By Baylee Pulliam
The Herald Bulletin

ELWOOD, Ind. —  Police found two meth labs in an Elwood mobile home park Wednesday night, Assistant Chief Phil Caldwell said.

Elwood police executed a search warrant and found the two separate labs, both one-pot, at lamp 18 in the Holiday Manor Mobile Home Park.

One lab was found just outside the home. The second was in a Chevrolet van parked nearby.

Since they were found in the same vicinity, Police Chief Sam Hanna said he believes the labs are connected.

Officers were there Wednesday night, waiting for the Madison County Drug Task Force to make the labs safe.

Caldwell said officers also found a car that they thought had been stolen.

They’re running its VIN number to be sure, but Caldwell said the car’s identification plates had been stripped.

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