The Herald Bulletin

April 24, 2014

Property tax deadline May 12

188 property owners making monthly payments

By Ken de la Bastide
The Herald Bulletin

ANDERSON, Ind. — Almost 200 property owners have taken advantage of a new program implemented by the Madison County treasurer’s office that allows for monthly tax payments.

The spring installment for property tax payments is due on Monday, May 12, at the treasurer’s office on the first floor of the Madison County Government Center, 16 E. Ninth St. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Tax payments can be made online by credit card. There is a 2.95 percent fee for processing the credit card.

Treasurer Kelly Gaskill said that since Feb. 1, when the program started, 188 people have signed up to make the monthly tax payments. She said taxpayers are committed to paying $621,413 in property taxes for the year through the program.

The program is administered through an agreement with Star Financial Bank, which accepts the monthly payment on property taxes through an electronic transfer of funds.

Gaskilll said the program is modeled after one started in Allen County several years ago. She said five counties are accepting the monthly payments.

There is no charge to taxpayers to be a part of the program.

She said the monthly payment plan assists property owners on a fixed income or those who don’t have the taxes paid through an escrow account with a mortgage lender.

Taxpayers have to go online and create an account that transfers funds monthly to a Star Financial account. The system will also allow for one-time payments of property taxes or schedule the payments on May 10 and Nov. 10, the due date for payment.

Taxpayers can set up accounts at

Gaskill said the Madison County Council and Madison County commissioners have approved the monthly payment program.

There is a start-up cost for software of approximately $5,000 and the county is paying 15 cents per transaction. Monthly payments will be based on the previous year’s tax bill and adjusted once a year when the new tax rates are set by the state. People who own more than one property in the county can include all parcels in the program.

Gaskill said property owners will receive a monthly email as a reminder the funds are being transferred and then a receipt notice. The treasurer’s office will assist people in setting up an account if they don’t have access to a computer.

She said that some local banks are no longer accepting property tax payments in Madison County.

Howard County was the second Indiana county to adopt the system in 2011 and currently is receiving monthly payments on 550 parcels in the county, according to the Howard County treasurer’s office.

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