The Herald Bulletin

October 20, 2013

Colts fans in Anderson conflicted

By Jack Osowski
The Herald Bulletin


If only there were a way for the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning to both win ...

That was the collective wish among fans Sunday night at the Buffalo Wild Wings on Scatterfield Road as the Colts and Broncos prepared to do battle in Indianapolis.

Mike Rains walked into the restaurant wearing a Colts hat and a blue No. 18 Colts Peyton Manning jersey.

"I'm rooting for the Colts," he said. "But, Peyton Manning, I want him to have a good game. It feels weird wearing this 18 jersey with Colts on it."

Andrew Sowers didn't want to worry about having a Manning jersey. He went out and bought an Andrew Luck jersey three hours before game time. But he still had mixed emotions.

"I'm not rooting against Peyton," Sowers said. "I support Peyton for what he does because he's still playing. But I do want to see the Colts win."

David Clinkenbeard said it would be weird watching Manning play at Lucas Oil Stadium for the opposing team. Despite his affinity for Manning, he stayed true to the home team.

"I still like Peyton a lot," Clinkenbeard said. "But he is for another team now, so I've got to stay with the home team."

Randy Miller might have been the least-conflicted person there. He showed up wearing a Broncos' Peyton Manning jersey. He was a Denver fan even before the Broncos signed Manning.

There were fans in the restaurant to watch the game, but not as many as the staff had anticipated.

One employee noted the restaurant was filling a lot of takeout orders Sunday night, suggesting that people opted to watch the game at home.

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