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September 24, 2013

Nestle plans to expand, add a new beverage to production line

Company officials: No word on how many jobs expansion will create

By Jack Molitor
The Herald Bulletin


Nestle announced another expansion of its local operations on Tuesday, though the exact economic impact of the expansion is still largely unclear.

According to a press release from Nestle USA, the Anderson plant will be adding a seventh production line. The addition is expected to cost Nestle about $72 million and will increase the production capacity for the company's Boost drink and Carnation Breakfast Essentials drink. The new line is expected to be in commercial production in 2014.

Boost has been in production at the Anderson site and will now have added capacity with the expansion. The Carnation drink will be a new product at the plant.

The release cited attractive economic department policies and close proximity to several dairy farms as primary reasons for choosing to expand in Anderson. The company also announced it will increase the workforce in the future as production volume increases at the Anderson site.

But it's not exactly clear how many jobs the expansion will bring. Chris Lloyd of Coles Marketing, a marketing agency working with Nestle on the project, said there's no way to estimate how many jobs, if any, will be created by the additional line. There is also no solid timetable for when that information might be known.

"There's nothing to post any time soon," Lloyd said. "Right now, that's being reserved until the company reaches the end of the process of the addition, which won't be until at least next year. Once they get the line installed and the machinery in place, then you might start hearing something about jobs."

On Tuesday, Mayor Kevin Smith's office sent a press release praising the news of the additional line. According to the release, the expansion is another step toward building a global business reputation for the city.

The Anderson Nestle plant was opened in 2009 and produces several other beverage and food products. The plant currently employs more than 700 people and is one of the world's largest food companies.

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