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November 14, 2013

Pendleton students learn about financial literacy

By Randy Rendfeld The Herald Bulletin
The Herald Bulletin

---- — PENDLETON — The 30 seniors in Tearle Dwiggins’ “Personal Financial Responsibility” class got a crash course Thursday in financial literacy from Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson.

Lawson stood next to a visual presentation as she spoke to students about such things as compounding interest, budgets, credit card debt, phishing scams, Ponzi schemes and the importance of maintaining good credit.

“If you haven’t proven yourself trustworthy with a good credit rating, you might not get the job you want,” Lawson told the students.

Lawson said she’d been in about two dozen high schools recently talking about financial literacy.

“It’s great that Pendleton Heights has a personal finance program,” Lawson said. “Many schools do not. I know the teacher has given them lots of information. But it never hurts to hear it from more than one source. ... But for all students, forming good financial habits now will help them in the future to have a safe and secure retirement.”

Lawson was headed Thursday from Pendleton to Winchester where she planned to talk to assisted living residents about investment fraud.

“Seniors are targeted frequently because they’re a trusting group,” Lawson said, “and people know they’ve built up their life savings. And they know they’re likely on a fixed income. ... So we just talk to them. It’s a little more extensive program about investing and protecting yourself from investment fraud.”

Dwiggins said her lessons include talking about Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. “He’s all about being debt-free, except for a 15-year mortgage,” she said after class. “I know not all of them are going to choose to live a completely debt-free lifestyle.”

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