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November 10, 2013

Edwards to appear on CBS comedy Monday night

By Heather Bremer
The Herald Bulletin

---- — ANDERSON – Tune in to CBS at 8:30 p.m. Monday to watch what just might be a former Anderson resident’s big break.

Tye Edwards will appear on Monday’s episode of the top-rated comedy “2 Broke Girls.” The series, in its third season, is about two young women waitressing at a diner in New York who form an unlikely friendship with an eye on turning around their fortunes. Starring Kat Dennings as the sassy and streetwise cupcake baker Max and Beth Behrs as the business-minded former uptown sophisticate Caroline, the show has been a recipe for success.

Edwards is excited to be part of the acclaimed series, even if his part is relatively small.

“My character doesn’t even have a name, just ‘Cute, Sad Guy,’ ” Edwards said in a phone interview from Los Angeles, where he now lives.

Despite the lack of a name for his character, the speaking part offers a huge opportunity for the 1995 Anderson University grad, whose background is in sketch comedy. The role was expanded after his audition, even though Edwards got caught “daydreaming” during his first table read. Instead of getting "canned" as he feared, Edwards found himself with multiple scenes with the stars of the show.

“It was great to be in front of a live audience, and it was my first time in front of multiple cameras,” Edwards said.

The role gave Edwards a chance to get to know the cast, including Dennings, who starred as Darcy in last weekend’s blockbuster release “Thor: The Dark World.” He said it was amazing to watch Dennings work as she learned the huge amount of material the cast deals with each week.

“I told Kat, “I’m in awe of you,’ ” he said. “And she said, “Oh, my god, thank you so much. Sometimes I feel like no one appreciates us, and just thank you for that.’

“Kat Dennings is definitely my favorite.”

Edwards also got to pick the brain of fellow Groundlings Theater & School alum Jennifer Coolidge, who plays Sophie, a Polish business woman who lives in the apartment above Max and Caroline. The Groundlings is an improv and sketch troupe in Los Angeles that boasts some of the biggest names in comedy as alums, including Will Ferrell, Lisa Kudrow, Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig. The school, a proving ground for comedy in Hollywood, is often viewed as the minor leagues for NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

“I got to talk to (Jennifer) and get some great advice. I could listen to her say anything,” said Edwards, who recently completed The Groundlings program and is a member of their Sunday Company. “I look up to her as a character actor. If I could have a career like that, I’d be a happy man.”

The appearance in Monday’s episode, “And the ‘It’ Hole,” is a highlight in a big year for the aspiring actor. He’s currently featured in a 5-Hour Energy Drink commercial and recently did a spot for Odor Eaters. He’s also been cast in a small role in Clint Eastwood’s upcoming big-screen production of “Jersey Boys.”

Edwards is excited about what’s ahead and happy to have the support of his family, including father Dave and mother Gloria, who live in Anderson. In fact, they might be more excited than he is.

“I had to tell Mom, ‘You’ve got to stop posting photos on Facebook! You’re embarrassing me!’” Edwards said.

He hopes they’re just as excited after they see the show, known for pushing the limits of the medium.

“I don’t think they’ve seen it, but on Monday they’ll get the gist,” Edwards said. “There’s some racy jokes, and they do some controversial issues. They really push the envelope.”

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How to watch

Tune in to CBS at 8:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 11, to catch Tye Edwards in "2 Broke Girls."