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September 19, 2013

Food Inspections: Sept. 20

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ANDERSON — Reports from the Madison County Health Department are based on recent inspections. Each inspection report is a "snapshot" of conditions present at the time of the food inspection.

Routine inspections

No violations

Sept. 4

Don & Sherry Third Base Pub, 229 E. 13th, Anderson


Sept. 5

China Buffett, 1408 W. State Road 28, Elwood

NC – Watermelon was stored directly on the floor of the walk-in cooler. Many foods are not covered in walk-in and deep freezer. To be corrected in five minutes.

NC- Many containers are put directly on top of other food items. To be corrected in one hour.

NC- Bulk food containers are extremely soiled on the outside. To be corrected in 24 hours.

NC – Thermometer were not available or incorrect in a number of refrigeration and freezer units. To be corrected in 24 hours.

NC- There was no hot water available to the hand sink. To be corrected in 24 hours.

NC- Dumpster is directly on floor. To be corrected in 30 days.

NC-Toilet, sink, floor, wall, black substance is growing on the wall and there are large whole light plates throughout are soiled.

C – Dishes were being done at the same time shredded cabbage was being soaked in the 3-bay sink. Violation was corrected.

C- The restroom off the kitchen is extremely soiled. To be corrected in 24 hours.

*C – Raw chicken was stored above cooked foods and vegetables in several areas of the walk-in cooler and in the glass front cooler at the wok. Violation was corrected.

*C - The fried food area of the serving bar had pork sticks at 108 degrees, egg rolls at 118 degrees & fried chicken for sweet and sour at 111 degrees. To be corrected immediately.

*C – Make table at wok area had an internal temperature of 45 degrees. Beef at the top was 48 degrees, noodles were 48 degrees. Beef at inside was 45 degrees, raw chicken was 55 degrees in large bowl. Fried chicken pieces on the counter were 86 degrees. Chicken in the glass front unit at the wok area was 48 degrees. To be corrected immediately.

Understanding the reports (NC) A non-critical violation is a minor violation, unlikely to contribute to contamination, illness or environmental hazard. (C) A critical violation is one that could contribute to contamination, illness or environmental hazard. (R) Indicates this is a repeated violation. (*) Indicates a violation repeated in each of the last three inspections. An establishment may have corrected a violation between the time of the inspection and publication of this report. Inspections can be found online at