The Herald Bulletin

December 25, 2013

IU-East snags 3 locals for women's team

By Rick Teverbaugh
The Herald Bulletin

ANDERSON, Ind. — Beginning next year, the IU-East Red Wolves are going to have a women's basketball team.

Right now the team could very likely be labeled Madison County-SE.

Da'Sha Boyd from Anderson High School, along with Mackenzie Boles and Kaitlin Dobbins from Lapel, will be on that inaugural team for coach Tiffani Selhorst.

Selhorst is spending much of her winter looking at players to populate her roster. It is taking her a bit of time to make those decisions because she is considering things beyond what takes place on the court.

"I couldn't be happier," said Selhorst. "I want to build team chemistry. It's not so much that we have all the talent in the world, though we have talented kids, but I see them as people as well. I've got players who are strong in academics and are involved in the community."

Boles is perhaps the player with whom Selhorst can find the most common ground. Boles suffered a serious injury a year ago, and some thought she might not come back or at the very least might not ever be the player she had been.

"I had a similar injury when I was a junior in high school," said Selhorst. "The schools interested in me dropped from about 10 to two. She is so tough, I am not surprised she bounced back."

Boles had no problem signing with IU-East even though the program was just starting.

"I saw this as an opportunity," said Boles. "It is a chance to be part of something really cool. When I first met Coach (Selhorst), I felt really comfortable. She is not super intimidating, but I know she's not going to let people get away with things either."

Selhorst is very happy to get Boles' offensive talents for her team.

"She is a strong, determined player," said Selhorst. "She is leading the team in scoring, and they are having a very good season."

Dobbins is being tabbed to make a big dent in the scorebook for IU-East as well.

"I just believe in college she will become a knockdown shooter," said Selhorst. "Both of those players (Boles and Dobbins) have very high basketball IQs."

It isn't a surprise that she recruited a pair of players from Lapel.

"Coach (Kevin) Brattain has done such an amazing job of building that program," said Selhorst. "When I got the job, he was one of the first coaches I talked to. You can tell he's old school, and I'm like that too."

By bringing in Anderson's Boyd, IU-East is getting a slightly different player.

"In getting Da'Sha, the offense she brings is just icing on the cake," said Selhorst. "What I like about her is the defense. I've seen her guard (positions) one through five on the floor. She can cover them all."

"She doesn't know the joy of what she's getting with Da'Sha," said Anderson coach Chad Cook. "Even when there are bad times, she has always been a positive person on and off the court. She is a lot of fun to have on the team."

Boyd had to make a decision about her college choice that wasn't an easy one.

"I had a lot of college options," said Boyd. "A lot of them were far away. I was going to visit Earlham and that was in Richmond. Then I was interested in IU-East, and they are in Richmond. I was ready to go farther away, but as it got closer to time to decide, I wanted to stay closer to home."

All of the players know they have some work to do on their own games to get ready for this college step.

"I need to work on dribbling," said Boyd of his primary individual goal. "I think I'm the shortest (5-foot-6) on the team. I've got other things I want to work on, too."

"I need to develop my outside shot," said Boles. "I will be running track, and we lift (weights) for that. I know I need to be stronger."

"I need to work on my ballhandling and shooting," said Dobbins. "But I want to get better at everything."

The recruits will spend a couple of weeks together in July getting acquainted before starting the school year in August.