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January 15, 2014

Rick Bramwell: A bad pond turns good


Bob said, "We have a good 7 inches, bring the throw bag."

I informed them they had drilled holes in the wrong place, and that there would be few fish there.

"We just checked two holes with a fish finder, and they are stacked three feet off the bottom," Don said.

Indeed, the fishing was fast and furious. I caught a fish while the heavy lead depth finder was on the bottom hook. This allows me to accurately set my bottom hook about four inches off the bottom.

Twice, I caught two fish on one line. The action was so fast that I could only use one pole. Often our lines would twitch on the way down with the baits several feet off the bottom.

These fish are fed bread off the dock as long as there is open water. For this reason, I think the commotion of drilling holes may have attracted them. The magic depth was 10 to 12 feet.

In three hours, we had filled a five-gallon bucket with mostly bluegill, a few as long as 9 inches.

We gave up our plans to go north. They tried to hurry me, and look what happened.

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