The Herald Bulletin

August 24, 2013

Into the breach once again

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Fortunately, fall sports have arrived and with it action in tennis, golf, cross country, soccer and football.

Unfortunately, what began last winter and continued through the fall, now applies for the first time to those sports and their coaches.

Unfortunately, in order to allow our two full-time writers, myself and George Bremer, to go out into the community to cover events and do features, we no longer have someone in the office whose responsibility it is to answer phones and collect results from area coaches each night.

Fortunately, technology has made it much easier for coaches to send us the information will still desperately want. Through our email at:, getting results is as simple as submitting that data to us in that way.

When we get that, we can copy and paste it into one of our documents and it will appear in the Scoreboard section the following morning. We can do that with greater speed and accuracy following writing our stories without needing to be in by the phones for an entire evening.

Fortunately, many coaches also have access to Varvee, an Internet service that automatically sends us the report just as soon as a coach submits it. It takes a bit longer to transfer the data from Varvee but it still bypasses the phone.

Most coaches have cellphones today and thus have the means to get that information to us in a timely manner, even while the bus is headed back to the school from a road event. Even if the head coach doesn't have a phone that will do that, I am sure that an assistant coach or even a student does have that technology.

One coach called in on Saturday and I happened to be in the office and took the call. He informed me that he had no means to use email or Varvee or a way top fax the results to us so he said we just wouldn't have to worry about his team's results this season.

Unfortunately, now I will worry about not getting results we previously had welcomed to these pages. Also unfortunately, there is nothing I can currently do to change that.

We got the first Friday of the high school football season under our belts a couple of days ago. Fortunately, we got reports from all but two of our football-playing schools in the print edition and even longer reports for most of them online.

Unfortunately, two schools didn't take the time to report a few details to us by our deadline, but it is our hope that all teams will make that effort when they don't see one of our five reporters at their game.

We would like to include as many of the area teams as possible in each day's newspaper. It takes the effort of the athletic directors, coaches and us to get the highest percentage we can of those results. Our deadline is 10 p.m. for reporting.

I hope your favorite school and teams will help us get the results to you. It is what we're here to do.

Sports Editor Rick Teverbaugh's columns appear twice weekly.