The Herald Bulletin

March 7, 2013

Angie Colip: Local women’s tournament reaches end

— This past weekend wrapped up the women’s local championship tournament. The final standings are as follows:

In the team actual event the Crazy Chicks, Tia Buckner, Debbie Buckner, Valerie McCord and Carrie Misner, took home top honors with a 2,148. The team handicap event winner was Mix N Match with a 2,634. The team is comprised of Debbi Shell, Eloise Michaels, Connie Miller and Nikki Dixon.

Second place in the handicap event went to Bowling Buddies, with Mary’s Kids rounding out the top three.

The doubles actual winners were Marcia Birge and Jenni Ferguson with a 1,185. While Eloise Michaels and Nikki Dixon finished first in the handicap division with a 1,376. Second place finishers in handicap were Donna Ash and Cathy Terrill, while Mae Griffin and Melina Griffin finished in the third spot.

In the singles actual event Shanna Bass won with a 652 series. Jenni Ferguson finished second with a 638, and Tia Buckner rounded out the top three with a 614.

The handicap singles winner was Wilmetta Simmons with a 720 series. Judy Rogers finished second with a 717, while Tia Buckner rounded out the top three for the second time with a 713.

In the all events actual category, Jenni Ferguson finished on top with a 1,855 pin total. Tia Buckner came in second with a 1,793 and Nikki Dixon finished in third with a 1,705.

Tia Buckner won the all events handicap event with a 2,090. Nikki Dixon came in second with a 2,077 and Mae Griffin finished third with a 2,048.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants.

On a personal note, this year was the first time I have ever participated in the women’s tournament. I did better than I expected. I averaged over my average for the course of the tournament and had a great time with good friends. That is all I asked of myself.

I am just an average bowler and I had always thought that tournaments were only for the really good bowlers. Not necessarily the case. OK, tournaments that include handicap can be a good thing. Could I compete at a scratch level? No. Can I compete with handicap? Yes. Handicap is an equalizer.

For those of you that think along the same lines that I have been, I can tell you that I have rethought my beliefs on the tournament front. This year I will be competing at the state tournament for the second time in as many years. Last year I was talked into it by some friends and went in without any expectations. I did alright, nothing outstanding, but for me, I did OK. I am returning with the same group of friends so I must have done something right.

So for those of you who think they can’t compete, I am proof that anything can happen. I was pleasantly surprised at where I finished. Minus a game or two, I could have been in the running. Next year? Anything can happen.