The Herald Bulletin

January 3, 2013

Heather Bremer's resolution: Out with the bad movies

By Heather Bremer
For The Herald Bulletin

— A new year has dawned, and no doubt you are among the countless individuals across the globe to make one or more promises to yourself and others about what you are determined to accomplish in 2013.

Slimming your waist. Fattening your bank account. Spending more time with the kids. Spending less time at the office. Organizing your life. Freeing your spirit. Living with more virtue. Surviving with less vice.

I, too, have made a few resolutions. And while dropping some pounds and gaining a promotion are on my to-do list, I’ve got a few other goals to accomplish in 2013:

I resolve to stop watching “Independence Day” every time it’s shown on cable. Unfortunately, I spent Wednesday night with Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum for the umpteenth time, so this one’s already busted. I just can’t help myself. Moving on ...

I resolve to watch at least one season of “Doctor Who.” I know next to nothing about sonic screwdrivers, the Tardis, Companions or Daleks. But I’m willing to learn since the series seems like it would be right up my alley. Now, if someone could just suggest which Doctor to start with ...

I resolve to continue watching borderline movies on DVD. I would have totally regretted spending $9 to see “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter” or “The Expendables 2” at the theater. But $1.20 at Redbox? That’s just about right for gaping plot holes, horrid effects and unintelligible dialogue. (This will last until some film tricks me into believing it’s worthy.)

I resolve to make time to finish a few book series I’ve started. Like the last two books of the “Hunger Games” trilogy. And the final chapter of Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera series. But not “Twilight.” I will never go past Chapter 2.

I resolve to stop watching reality television. Except for “Project Runway.” And “Face Off.” And “Here Come Honey Boo Boo.” But aside from that, no more horrible reality TV.

I resolve to give DC Comics and Warner Brothers a chance. The trailer for Zak Snyder’s Superman film is compelling. The “Arrow” CW series is actually watchable, even if Oliver Queen is more Batman than Green Arrow. And they had to learn something from the success of “The Avengers,” right?

I resolve to stop watching awful SyFy Channel movies. For my husband’s sake. He was forced to endure a recent apocalyptic-meteor mini series because I couldn’t tear myself away. Now, anything featuring super-smart sharks, giant moths or crazed crocodilians is still game. Those aren’t awful.

I resolve to win the lottery, move to a beachside villa in Costa Rica and write the next great novel while tending the canines in my dog sanctuary. Everybody has to have an impossible dream. Doesn’t matter if you actually accomplish it. Just putting it out there will bring it closer to reality.

May you keep the resolutions that matter, at least attempt the ones that don’t and dream a big dream. Happy 2013.

Heather Bremer, a former Herald Bulletin reporter/designer, writes a weekly column on movies, television and pop culture. Contact her at