New things may soon be in store for some old factories.

Though they declined to name specifics, city officials are closing in on an agreement with General Motors to give the city control of its old property for redevelopment.

“I’m pretty optimistic that we’re getting close to a conclusion,” Board of Public Works Chairman Rob Sparks said.

Tuesday, the Anderson Redevelopment Commission passed a confidence vote in the city officials currently negotiating with GM. The vote was a necessary part of the process because the commission would control the property.

The properties in question are: Plant 16, located at 2316 Jefferson St.; Plant 18, located at 2900 S. Scatterfield Road, and Plant 20, located off 38th Street.

Plant 20 is still in use by GM spin-off Delphi Corp. — though the bankrupt company announced it would close the plant — and Plant 16 is leased to Remy International.

The deal would not include any Guide Corp. property.

Deputy Economic Development Director Linda Dawson described the empty property as “blight.”

“(We want them to be) areas ready for development,” she said.

The company may simply donate the factories to the city, which would then offer them up for economic development.

The tricky part is that GM now pays over $1 million a year in property taxes, money that would go away if the properties belonged to the city.

That’s why, officials said, it would be essential to get new tenants on the land quickly.

“We want to have all pieces in place to be able to move very quickly,” Mayor Kevin Smith said. He declined to say, however, what tenants might be interested in the property.

Once the city and GM come to an agreement, the commission will be in control of the property, which was why the city had to obtain its approval.

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