The intention of The Herald Bulletin’s “Weed-o-rama” feature each Saturday is simply to tidy up Madison County. We’re not pointing fingers at anyone other than lackadaisical property owners.

Thus, we’re running a list of properties that readers let us know about. We trust that they are honest in their reports and not just trying to tease a neighbor. So, if an address appears that shouldn’t, let us know. We’ll do everything we can to keep the list accurate.

We’ll also give credit where credit is due. If the city or county, a neighbor or volunteer cleaned up a property, let us know that, too, and we’ll cross it off the list.

Unkempt properties:


n 2225 Pitt St. — house abandoned, windows and doors open, weeds, tall grass.

n 2234 St. Charles St. — house abandoned, full of trash and back side of house is falling in. A second house on this property is also abandoned.

n 2225 St. Charles St. — house burned a year ago, was boarded up, now boards taken off and house is open and full of debris. White van with 2004 plates in back of house, yard overgrown.

n 3018 Central Ave. — weeds, old vehicles.

n Corner of Frances Drive and Madison Avenue (Harmeson Heights) — weeds two feet high, blue tarps over roof.

n 1702 Fletcher St. — house has been burnt and was supposed to be torn down a long time ago.

n Columbus Avenue, south of 47th Street — weeds about 5 feet tall.

n 1829 Walnut St. — windows busted out, kids going in, glass on front porch, poison ivy, been sitting abandoned for four years.

n 715 W. 22nd St.

n 2212 Sherman St.

n 2220 Sherman St.

n 2232 Sherman St.

n 2302 Sherman St. — needs grass cut and weeds removed.

n 1829 Walnut St. — roof caving in, grass has been cut but property has been in this state for four years.

n 5319 Walnut St. — People moved to Arizona and no one is caring for property.

n 2606 W. 18th St. — high grass. Been like that for three years, limbs have fell onto home at 2602 W. 18th St. and owner had to have roof repaired. Another large limb ready to fall.

n Nichol Avenue — Habitat for Humanity houses built a few years back — needs mowed.

n 5330 Orleana Drive — front yard is mowed but back is awful, full of stuff.

n 5508 Madison Ave. — not mowed, house ready to fall down.

n 22nd and East Lynn streets — grass overgrown.

n 2716 Halford St. and 2736 Halford St. — houses need to be torn down, grass not mowed.

n 2225 Euclid Drive — abandoned, weeds.

n 727 W. Ninth St. — garage caved in, garbage everywhere; another property sits catty-cornered from there possibly 721 W. Ninth St. and the grass needs mowed.

n 2426 Hendricks St. — weeds.

n 5500 block of Main Street — west side has weeds and cactus.

n 1702 Fletcher St. — needs torn down.

n 2119 East Lynn St. — grass and weeds past your waist, shrubs near alley making it difficult to pull out.

n 29th Street and Central Avenue — all grown up, some broken windows. Also one catty-cornered that’s a mess.

n 2736 Halford St. — Trash in the backyard, home abandoned, but open; no water, no electric service, people occasionally stay at the house, yard not cut.

n 2008 Nichol Ave. — weeds, yard not mowed.

n House on the northeast corner of Louise Street and Nichol Avenue — weeds, yard not mowed.

n 415 E. 37th St. — white tent stuffed full of junk, old car, bath tub sitting out, tons of junk. Semi in drive-way. Been this way since at least April.

n Mobile home park across from North Anderson Church of God. Burnt trailers, rat infested, trash and weeds. Health hazard.

n 1908 Park Road — unslightly mess. Not only are the weeds growing wild, but the place is a safety hazard. The previous tenants used extension cords for electricity and used a garden hose hooked up the kitchen sink and ran it to the bathroom to flush toilets. Several neighbors turned this property in last year, but nothing was ever done.

n 719 W. Ninth St. — unkempt yard.

n 723 W. Ninth St. — unkempt yard.

n 737 W. Ninth St. — weeds, unkempt yard, garage falling down and garbage everywhere.

n 2018 Pearl St. — marked to be demolished a year ago and hasn’t been. People going in and out of it.

n 2416, 2418 Pearl St. — weeds at least three foot high.

n 1903 Walnut St. — abandoned, broken windows, unkempt grass.

n 1829 Walnut St. — abandoned, broken windows, unkempt grass.

n The old ALAC building site at West Eighth and Dewey streets needs to be power raked of all the rubble and rocks left behind from its’ demolition. A load of good topsoil needs to be spread over the area to level it out and encourage new growth. Then the site needs seeded with grass seed instead of the weed seed they put on top of the rocks. Plant a few dozen trees around that site wouldn’t hurt anything either.

n The two buildings right beside of the old Wonder Bar location on Martin Luther King Blvd.

n The house right across from the Anderson Public Library on Central Avenue.


n 904 N. 13th St. — not lived in for at least two years. No electricity, not fit to live in. Not yet mowed this year, up to four foot in places.

Tell us about any unsightly properties you have seen. Make sure to tell us the address and what is wrong with the property. You can contact us at: 648-4260, or on our “Weed-o-rama” blog at

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