Police lights

ANDERSON — A witness, and brother of the pedestrian struck, said he believes the Oct. 2 accident involving a motorcycle on Scatterfield Road was intentional.

Tommy Welker was struck by motorcyclist Jesse Goss with passenger Brittany Garrison, while crossing Scatterfield near the Economy Inn around 8:16 p.m. Goss had crossed the intersection of Scatterfield and Mounds roads with a green light, according to an accident report filed by Anderson Police.

Tommy Welker's brother, Timothy Welker, said he was walking just in front of his brother at the time of the accident. He said Goss revved his engine to beat the yellow light, according to the report.

Another witness, Kim Williams, was driving northbound on Scatterfield in the right lane and was about 10 feet behind the motorcycle at the time of the accident, according to the report.

Williams said they were driving between 30 and 40 mph, and that Goss was not driving erratically, according to the report.

She said she did not see Tommy Welker until the crash, according to the report.

Both Goss and Tommy Welker were seriously injured in the accident and were unable to be interviewed at the scene due to their conditions, the report stated.

All three people involved were transported to St. Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital. Tommy Welker was later taken to St. Vincent Indianapolis Hospital for treatment.

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