Being Anderson's on-air cheerleader

From 7:30 to 9 a.m. Monday through Friday, Doug Zook and his guests talk about all things Madison County.

ANDERSON — There were the long-standing comedic sound clips including actor Bill Murray forecasting Armageddon in "Ghostbusters," but there was an unexpected announcement for listeners Wednesday to Doug Zook's morning radio talk show on WHBU.

Zook is leaving the station after four years to take a job as a salesman for Tom Wood Outdoor Equipment in Anderson.

"I've always wanted to do something like this," Zook said. "As a former parks superintendent, I used to buy zero-radius mowers and front-end loaders and all that stuff. Now I get to sell 'em. It's gonna be fun."

Zook has been the Anderson Parks and Recreation Department's superintendent three times.

He thanked listeners, the station and local residents for making his show a success.

As the surprise announcement floated through the airwaves, listeners called to wish him well.

One woman told Zook that his departure would upset her daily routine: "My exercise program, that is shifting my AM radio from one arm to the other arm, that exercise program is gone. I don't have a psychiatrist because I talk back to the radio whether you knew it or not."

Zook had let his bosses know about the departure last week but held off announcing his plans. Zook, known for his love of local sports and genealogy, had worked for Woof Boom stations off and on for about 20 years before taking the morning show in 2014.

"I will miss everybody and doing this," Zook said. "Sometimes you know when it's time for a change. It's been my honor to represent Woof Boom and WHBU radio as the voice or the face of this company."

On Wednesday, Zook was on the air with frequent co-host Tom Morgan, who runs a local property management company, and Madison County Sheriff Scott Mellinger, who comes to the show twice a month to discuss law enforcement.

On air, Mellinger appointed Zook as an honorary deputy for the sheriff's office, noting Zook was "a loyal diplomat for Madison County."

"You don't get any red light or blue lights on your car, Doug. No handcuffs, that doesn't come with it," Mellinger said with a laugh.

“Anderson Live with Doug Zook” was the area’s only local daily radio show. From 7:30 to 9 a.m. Monday through Friday, Zook and his guests talked about all things Madison County. An interim host will take over the program beginning Thursday.

At 8:50 a.m., as the last show came to a close, a tune by REO Speedwagon was played: "Time for Me to Fly."