A wolf in sheep’s clothing

So, American patriots are supposed to believe the guy who finances Palestine, the U.N. (whose majority call us the “Black Satan”) and Iraq. He gives away nuclear secrets, outsources billions in unaccounted for cash, engineered the overthrow of Gaza, will try again to give away our seaports, open our borders to foreign entities and let the U.N. (who hates us) control the conflict in Lebanon. And, he will not send troops to Lebanon because he supports Israel? With U.N. intervention, he doesn’t have to. He wants to federalize the National Guard, and that would give him total control of the military.

He is, without a doubt, a wolf in sheep’s clothing and the worst president America has ever had. I’m old enough to know that. And, to know our blood-bought lands (Israel and America) are on the auction block for destruction.

James Ramsey


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