Why is it that Frank Couch thinks that Saddam Hussein and his cohorts are so innocent? There can only be one explanation. He is trying to get people’s ire up, or he is plain and simply the biggest moron that ever drew breath. After reading his garbage in The Herald Bulletin, I would say it is the latter! What really gets me is, if he is so in love with Saddam and all of his angelic, innocent, peace-loving henchmen, why doesn’t he pack up and go live with them? Then, let the insurgents read his garbage and drive them nuts. Oh and, by the way, Frank, everybody in Madison County who reads the paper knows by now that you hate Bush, you don’t believe Bush and Bush is a no-good bum who is killing innocents and who lies with every word. Overall, Frank Couch hates Bush. We know, we know, we know. Enough already!

Jonathan Willis


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