On the front page of the Sunday, June 11, issue of The Herald Bulletin, the headline read: “Three detainees die at Gitmo.” People die every day in prisons in the United States, and if it makes the paper it is usually placed on the back pages.

President Bush said of the three deaths: “The investigation will be treated with ‘cultural sensitivity.’” Amnesty International said these deaths were a “tragic result of years of arbitrary and indefinite detention.”

Hey! News flash! These were the same people who had a hand in 9/11 when thousands of Americans were killed, also innocent people being beheaded or maimed daily. If these people want to kill each other or themselves, please, let them do it, in the name of Allah!

We, as a whole, need to quit being so sympathetic to the enemy (al-Qaida). It would be nice if the president and Amnesty International voiced their opinions so strongly regarding our own U.S. prisons.

Ed Amick


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