The Herald Bulletin

April 19, 2013

Letter: Ignoring the poor will save money

— Will Miracle Mike Pence expand Medicaid for the poor, uninsured Hoosiers with the Affordable Care Act, or will he follow his tea party roots and say no, so he can give 10 percent tax cuts to the wealthy, as they need to hire more gardeners and landscapers now that spring is here? Just think of it as a jobs program. Immigrants need jobs too, you know. In the meantime, all you out-of-work Hoosiers who are injured or sick, just go to your local hospital for free, so they can triple charge the federal government for services. That way, us Hoosiers will never have to deal with it. You see? It’s a miracle.

Just say no, and ignore these sick children. It’ll save money and that’s all we care about — money.

There is no shame in being selfish. Or, is there? I believe the Republican Party is shameless in their policy of tearing down the best government in the world.

Ronald K. Jones