The Herald Bulletin

December 29, 2013

You Said It: About the Wigwam, flooding and a car-eating pothole

The Herald Bulletin

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Committee supports Wigwam proposal and a decision could be reached by March 1 deadline. (Article published Dec. 24)

— "The community has to rally behind the effort.” and “The new investors want to take an incremental approach,” Code for "we don't have any money."

— "The best idea would be to turn it into apartments for seniors on fixed incomes. Being centrally located people would have bus transportation available as well as walking distance to shops and the library. The days of the Wigwam as a sports facility are long gone. ACS and Anderson need to go in an entirely new direction and stop living in the past."

THB: Money and lots of it is what it will take to make the Wigwam viable. The facility was built for basketball and that's probably its best use. That complex also includes offices, classrooms and a small auditorium.

The White River was nearly nine feet over flood stage last week as the combination of heavy snow and heavy rainfall caused some flooding in some areas of the city. (Dec. 23)

— "The contractors, the city, and all others totally failed my mid-70's parents. My dad had a kidney transplant earlier this year. If my son and brother had not been able to get a pump and help, it could have been a lot worse. This flooding was a direct result of the contractor and/or city's negligence.

— "Even if the destruction of your folks' property is a result of the actions due to work on the levee, it will prove a convenient excuse to further the need for the fraudulent reservoir proposal, citing the need for flood control. I am sorry for the frustration and damage to your parents home."

THB: Flood control is a real need, ask those with six feet of water in their home. The reservoir and the project in the Edgewater Park area are two different topics. It is very unfortunate that this project was not completed in the time frame originally promised.

Many Anderson motorists damaged their vehicles after hitting a large pothole in North Anderson on Broadway on Saturday, Dec. 21. The city did cover the pothole following the incident.

— "Dozens of cars were damaged by this. The CVS and surrounding lots were reportedly littered with damaged cars. The police got several calls about it last night and nothing was done."

— "I hit it around 7 a.m. on Dec. 22. I had a flat tire plus a bent wheel. $600 for the wheel and $275 for the tire. I don't know if I will get anywhere with the city, but I am going to try."

THB: 'Tis the season for potholes in this winter wonderland we call Indiana. The constant freezing and thawing for the next two months, at least, is only going make this problem worse. At one time the city had a designated phone line where you could call and report pothole locations. Could be the time to resurrect that idea. What do you think, mayor?