The Herald Bulletin

May 25, 2013

Letter: Anything goes where greed abounds

— Agribusiness has gone the way of oil drilling, the natural gas fracking and now Senate Bill 373 (editor’s note: the bill died in the 2013 Indiana Legislature). It seems anything goes where greedy money makers abound.

If you eat meat you should know how the animal was raised and treated. Try to buy from small farmers; most really care about their animals. Try to buy organic when you can.

One more company that has become too big to have compassion over greed is the chemical companies. They have managed to help wipe out honey bee colonies and now they want to eradicate milk weed the only plant Monarch butterflies lay their eggs on, so the Monarchs are dwindling. With this popular idea of the killing of weeds on lawns and farm lands it is time for reading or the rereading of “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson.

So here we have oil spills, ruining water and land, with discriminate gas fracking, abuse with factory farmed animals. What has happened with care and compassion? Ugly greed with giant companies has taken over and we the people should stop this way of life. Check out every website you can find, start with

I have decided to not eat any meat. It is a healthy way to live; just check out what and where you need to get your nutrients. There are many books to obtain on becoming a vegetarian. Ask your doctor.

Joan Morris