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March 9, 2014

You Said It: About the failure to annex, hoodies and a GOP deal

About the failure to annex, hoodies and a GOP deal

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Each Monday, The Herald Bulletin publishes “You Said It,” a compilation of reader comments from coupled with responses by the newspaper’s editorial board.

A Herald Bulletin editorial opined that the failure to annex could haunt Anderson for decades. (Article published March 4.)

◆ “As county resident I’m extremely grateful that this annexation didn’t go through. I would be a part of Ingalls, Pendleton or Lapel any day over ruining my property value by being annexed into Anderson. We’re talking about people here, we’re not numbers or political pawns.”

◆ “Whether Mayor Smith’s presentation was done well or not, Anderson has boxed itself in by not supporting any annexation. Now, we are left to watch as neighboring communities take action to push themselves forward. I applaud Mayor Smith for having a vision. Its unfortunate that politics blinded us at a time we should have all been working to improve Anderson’s future.”

◆ “And these same people will be re-elected to the city council. Yet the citizens wonder why Anderson can’t attract new business and industry.”

THB: Exactly, why can’t anyone see beyond the next election? This annexation was necessary for the city’s future and was stopped by shortsightedness and politics.

A deal for local Republican candidates to withdraw so there would be four uncontested races falls apart. (March 2)

◆ “Correct me if I am wrong, but weren’t primary elections designed for the voters to decide who they wanted to represent their party in the fall? Why is the county Republican Party afraid of primary challengers? It appears they do not trust the voters. Contested races should be promoted. Let the voters decide the best candidates, not a few party “leaders” who appear to be undermining democracy! Party unity works best when the voters really have a choice.”

THB: Three words: Politics, politics, politics.

New signs posted at the Mounds Mall asking patrons to lower their hoods if wearing hoodies raise questions. (Feb. 28)

◆ “I am 24, and went to the mall my entire teen years and when they had signs up during the winter, we always obeyed. Why such a big deal now? It’s called respect and not putting yourself in a situation you do not want. I think it is time for the younger generation to grow up and learn respect and follow rules.”

◆ “It’s common sense to not obscure your face in a place of business. I can’t believe someone is silly enough to say it’s offensive. Especially in light of all the crazy going on in our world right now!”

THB: Common sense, what a great concept. Too bad more people don’t possess it.