The Herald Bulletin

April 18, 2013

Letter: Gutierrez should court new citizens

— Mr. Gutierrez is hurt that the Republicans lost the 2012 presidential election. He was in Indianapolis (THB 4/9), in private meetings with Republican donors, to raise “mountains of money.” He wants the donors to provide enough money to “provide cover” for Republican candidates who want to promote amnesty for 11 million illegal immigrants, and expand foreign work visas (that is the true meaning of his words).

This secret agenda policy will not help Republicans win presidential elections. He should know that Hispanics have voted for Democrats since 1980, even when amnesty has been granted or offered by Republicans. George W. Bush lost the Hispanic vote block after President Reagan granted amnesty in 1986. In recent memory, John McCain, co-author of the failed Comprehensive Immigration Reform, lost the Hispanic vote block to President Obama in 2008, by a 36 percent margin. Gutierrez’s “secret cover” plan will, therefore, create a permanent Democratic Hispanic voting block.

In the 2012 election, 60 percent Hispanic voters identified the economy as the most important issue. The new jobs report numbered 663,000 new unemployed for March. Therefore, Mr. Gutierrez would better work to help bring jobs back to the U.S. for native and naturalized citizens.

The U.S. grants citizenship to over 1 million immigrants per year — they are welcome, and they are the ones Mr. Gutierrez should court, instead of providing cover for those candidates who wish to add and reward illegal entry into the USA.

Helen H. Reske