The Herald Bulletin

October 2, 2013

Letter: Budget negotiations declined by Speaker

The Herald Bulletin

---- — Budget negotiations declined by Speaker

About the shutdown, as I see it, House speaker John Boehner and Republicans requested face-to-face budget negotiations many times in the months before Monday night. Harry Reid refused.

As late as 10 p.m. Monday night the House requested a meeting; again, Reid refused, the House sent four funding bills without shutdown to the Senate. The bills fully funded the government and defunded or delayed Obamacare, a law many, including a lot of unions, don’t want.

The administration gave big business a delay and Congress special exemption. Seems Democrats have forgotten about equality under the law. Harry Reid still refuses to negotiate, seems he wants to preserve president’s legacy at the people’s expense. The shutdown and its effects lay at the feet of Harry Reid and the Democrats.

Danny Hayes