The Herald Bulletin

February 13, 2013

Letter: Phone scam goes on and on ...

— As a veteran of the Navy, I served my country during World War II and the Korean conflict. No different than all of the others, I was proud and expected nothing more than a chance to have a right to make a living and have the freedom we all deserve.

As a veteran, I have the greatest respect for the law and the people in uniform that enforce it. As of now, I do not understand the way the law works. This is my reason for writing this.

About six months ago, I started getting phone calls from a man who told me I had won a lottery. The prize was $3 million and a new car. All I had to do was send him $48,000 for the taxes. I told him that I knew the government would take the taxes before I got mine and that I was not interested. I still get as many as five calls a day.

I contacted the Madison County Sheriff’s Department and they sent a nice deputy out and suggested we have the phone company keep a record of incoming calls. This went on for three to four weeks. I called the sheriff’s office three times, trying to talk to the deputy and he never returned my calls.

I later called the Indiana State Police, and they offered no help other than to call the Attorney General’s office. After about 20 minutes the only help they offered me was the advice to hang up when I get such calls.

My wife is very ill and this is not helping. I am hoping that someone or the FBI can help us, we will sure be grateful.

James W. Dunn