The Herald Bulletin

December 3, 2013

Viewpoint: Public should be wary of reservoir hype

By Mike Swinford
Chesterfield resident

---- — Three independent groups reviewed and issued a statement saying the Mounds Lake Reservoir project is bad. I formed my own opinion after attending meetings, researching data and verifying information on this project. Definition of a scam: dishonest scheme: a scheme for making money by dishonest means trick somebody: to obtain money or other goods from somebody by dishonest means.

The following lists some of the signs of a scam.

The idea of this project came from a leadership course that is not accredited and only requires a few days attendance. No professional development of the concept of constructing a dam in Anderson has been found. What has been shown is a lot of sales hype from a few that will profit during the construction.

No analysis of how Anderson area would benefit made.

Public not told, forecasting methods used by utilities consider all years as drought years. And the weather is not predictable for a specific year in the future.

Public not told Indy has alternative plans for water and may not buy/need Anderson dump site water.

It’s free. Public told “... project will be funded by private investors ... .” No higher taxes, except there could be higher property taxes.

Public not told a new “levy tax” can be added by the county, in Phase III. So far, the big private investors are the imaginary creation of the visionaries. $600,000 real $$$s has been requested from the state for Phase II. The earlier Phase I, the sales pitch, did get donations. But don’t see any free gifts for the big ticket items.

After elected officials establish the regional commission for this, the local public will get the bill. The promoters will get the $$$.

I got intimidated by police in church.

County Council John Bostic rejected a request to audit/investigate the irregularities discovered in Phase I. He wants this project.

Only a few elected officials question what they are being told by the promoters. The public is not being protected. I am frustrated and have lost trust in officials. Expect more bad (reversed engineered) reports in Phase II that say no flaws. $600,000 for more sales hype and deception is a scam.