The Herald Bulletin

November 13, 2013

Viewpoint: What's happening in America?

By Michael Schmitt
Anderson resident

---- — Maybe you are one of the millions of Americans who have a gloomy view of the future. There's no question this country is heading down the wrong path for sure.

We began as a revolutionary concept that a country could be made where the citizen is king; that ordinary people would decide their fate and destiny and not be a government's whim.

To the extent we deviate from that model bequeathed us by the founders we suffer and as we suffer now.

You are in good company. Were the founders with us today they would see what you see; the diminution of individual liberties, the growing role of gigantic governments, and shudder at their great vision of the common man turning to ashes in only a few generations.

The founders in heaven may have noticed something in the last few years. Imagine them coming to the edge of heaven and looking over the balcony down on this great land and shaking their heads at what they see. A nation which has largely forgotten them. Forgotten the concepts they fought for. The ones they cemented (they thought) into the Constitution.

Solzhenitsyn nailed it: The soviet constitution guarantees generous civil rights — the only problem? Everyone ignored it. If a constitution is universally ignored, does it really exist? The answer is "no." It no longer exists. In the case of our Constitution that's a shame.

Few people seem to care or notice. The Constitution? It's OK and safe in Washington, D.C., sealed in a hermetically armored glass box to preserve it. I wish it were that easy to preserve a Constitution.

But the key to preserving a constitution is to live by it. To know it and to voluntarily live by it. That comes with an obligation to step up when you see others not living by it.

So, up until now, so far as our heavenly founders are concerned America has been falling away from the original Constitution, fallen into darkness. Lost its way. Adrift.

All over America there are groups of Americans gathering to hear about the founding of this country, hearing what the Revolution was about and why it should never be forgotten. Of how the spirit of that Revolution should burn in our hearts today as strong as it did 200 years ago. Where do you stand?