The Herald Bulletin

November 26, 2012

Viewpoint: Fox News has created division among Americans

By Tim Mahaffey
Middletown resident

— Whether Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News Channel is secretly backed by our enemies or not, I am sure our enemies are very pleased with his results. Fox’s constant flow of propaganda geared to stir up hatred and mistrust has magnified the weaknesses in certain Americans. Fox has a large portion of America’s population believing in some kind of fictional bizarre world where facts and truths are not important.

This poison spread by FNC and others has created the worst division among Americans in the last 152 years and has made our government dysfunctional. The last time that we were so divided, we had to have a civil war to settle it.

Some conservatives said they would revolt if President Obama won a second term and some said they would move out of the country. It is very clear from the last four elections that 45 percent of Americans want a regressive path, 45 percent want a progressive path and 10 percent aren’t sure what they want. So why take a chance on all this crap ending up in a civil war, let’s just settle our issues peacefully.

I suggest a plan that gives Americans the pursuit of happiness with a progressive 22nd century nation and a regressive 16th century nation. First, establish governing systems for each nation that pinpoint the direction to which they will be going. Then every American signs up to the nation they want to live in, and then divide the nation in two parts proportionally by the sign-up list. Two nations sharing a common defense and must agree on any offensive attacks. Then create a home and job swap for relocating people. This will take years to complete but can be done.

One nation ruled by 16th century conservatives’ values and guided by ultra-conservative religious leaders. A nation that considers science an evil that comes straight from the gates of hell. A nation free to treat gays, minorities and women any way the majority wants. A nation where rape is only rape if the girl or woman doesn’t get pregnant and a safe abortion is only for those who can pay big bucks for one. A nation without will conservatives call socialist programs like Social Security, Medicare, unemployment and everyone truly fends for themselves. PBS can be replaced by the Fox News Channel as the place for education and entertainment. A mostly one-race nation controlled by religious zealots with limit rights for some is the conservative Americans’ dream and an Iranian reality.

The 22nd century nation will continue to grow in areas like human rights, science, clean energy and education without the road blocks from the regressive side. A 22nd century nation made up of types of people that are working together to make their nation strong. A nation that should be upstream and up wind of the regressive nation’s unregulated pollution. A nation where serious political candidates do not daily state their positions on tape with a straight face, only to have their campaigns retract their statements the next day.

The pen may be mightier than the sword but not against people who are illiterate when it comes to the truth. Millions of Americans will never figure out and/or care that Fox News Channel feeds them rubbish 24/7 to divide this nation. Whether conservatives are driven by greed, racism, idiocy or just a total lack of compassion and respect for Americans that are different from them, the end result by their leadership will be economic slavery and idiocracy government. A friendly divorce now beats an ugly one later. One of the best moves for survival was when homo sapiens distanced themselves from the Neanderthals.